Mana Pottery coyote design

The COYOTE claims the most extensive range of any carnivore native to North America, which may help explain why Coyote is the most widely appearing and best known figure in Native American legend. Also, the remarkable physical adaptability of the coyote probably inspired the multi-faceted and colorful personality of coyote. Above all, Coyote is a trickster. He is known as a greedy and lustful liar, who is able to change his color and appearance and to change his skin with others at will. He is always in motion, often traveling with his brother, his family, wolf or fox. Coyote is often portrayed as a creator, since he helped Silver Fox prepare the world and name everything in it before the arrival of the first people. Although he appears in many stories, the story of his own origin is rarely told, but the Pima (Southwest) believe he is the offspring of the moon.

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